Undergo Definition And That Means

Undergo Definition And That Means

You can endure from the pain of a broken leg, however you may also undergo from shyness, regret, poverty, or any variety of disagreeable things. You can even describe something that turns into worse utilizing the word endure, like when somebody’s grades endure during soccer season. The root of endure is the Latin word sufferre, to bear, bear, or endure.

Another area suffering the after-results of a tropical storm was Nepal. The troubled career of Well Chief has suffered yet another setback. And it was love that had made her so, the love of another who suffered for her. Both her mother and father have already suffered from most cancers and pals have launched an appeal to lift money for enormous medical bills. As lengthy as some measurable injury had been suffered the cause of action would accrue. He had been suffering from most cancers and is survived by two daughters.

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He had witnessed harrowing scenes after the tsunami that had triggered him to undergo from flashbacks. Reading could also be staring down the barrel of economic damage if they suffer one other relegation. Without a serious boost in tourism, the economy will endure even additional. one thing unhealthy, you might be in a state of affairs in which something painful, dangerous, or very disagreeable happens to you. You don’t use ‘suffer’ to say that somebody tolerates an disagreeable person.


Older infants could also be extra prone to have moved around to completely different foster homes and thus to have suffered more disruptions than younger infants. As the first step of their mannequin, one hobo element suffered insertion of one other hobo component at a target sequence present within the first component. Unfortunately she suffered problems in a later pregnancy and the stitch needed to be removed.

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